Pay at Dealer Auction with your NextGear Capital Stocking Plan

Dealer Auction is a trade-only auction site, a source of good quality stock for Used Vehicle Dealers, from which approximately 5,000 cars are auctioned off each month.

Our Stocking Plan holders can use their NextGear Capital Stocking Plan to purchase vehicles through Dealer Auction. The partnership between Dealer Auction and NextGear Capital means that you can use your Stocking Plan to purchase vehicles, opening up your cash flow. This could help you to increase, upgrade or diversify your existing stock.

How does it work?

As a dealer you will register with Dealer Auction and this will give you access to the vehicles that they have on offer.

Your Dealer Auction account holds all of your information on your personal dashboard. This dashboard offers you a uniformed area to view any cars you are watching, bidding on or have purchased all in one place.  

What are the benefits?

Dealer Auction has an intelligent bidding system that will bid up to a maximum amount that you specify. You can bid on a vehicle without having to continuously monitor, giving you the time to view other potential vehicles to purchase. 

By paying through your NextGear Capital Stocking Plan payment is guaranteed. This means that you can take the vehicle back to your forecourt straight away, without having to wait around. 

Is there a lot of paperwork?

NextGear Capital prides itself on being a paper-less company. The initial sign-up is a simple online form which will request basic information about your dealership. Once your application has been approved then we will send out some documents for you to sign off. 

How do I apply?

Applying for a Stocking Plan is simple; the application form takes just a few minutes to complete and your Plan could be up and running soon after that.

To apply please follow the link below or to apply directly please call our Customer Services team on 0343 50 60 600.


To enquire directly about applying for a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan call 0343 50 60 600 or email us at