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Message from Liam Quegan, Managing Director

As restrictions begin to lift and dealerships resume trading, it is brilliant to see an increase in new vehicles being funded.

During the Coronavirus crisis, we have provided much-needed support for our customers, allowing them to continue to fund vehicles by providing access to the various types of assistance they need. The messages we have received from dealers have been extremely positive and our focus continues to remain on doing the right thing by our team members and customers.

We have recently announced the next phase of our support, which is detailed within the FAQ section of our website (read below for more information).

Wishing you all the best as you return to trading.

Liam Quegan

Key Updates

As we transition into the new normal, we have made some important changes to how we support our dealers.

Our FAQ updates include:

•  The trade and auctions source funding available to your dealership
•  Detail around the financial support available to you

FAQ Button

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How to get in touch

As our teams remain home-based for the foreseeable, we are working to activate a remote call centre.

In the meantime, your Account Manager will be on-hand for any queries you may have. If your Account Manager is unavailable you can continue to contact our Customer Service team by emailing: