NextGear Capital UK provide simple and cost effective Stocking Plans to both franchised and independent used vehicle dealers. A NextGear Capital Stocking Plan helps a dealership grow their business and diversify their stock by injecting cash flow. Our dealers are ultimately able to stock more and sell more. 

Working in partnership with Dealer Auction means that both buyers and sellers of used vehicles are able to benefit from the buying power a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan generates. 

Become an approved NextGear Capital seller through Dealer Auction to start benefiting from our dealers greater buying power! As an approved seller, you can begin accepting payments direct from NextGear Capital immediately after selling a vehicle to one of our dealers. We operate a simple, digital system to make transactions easier and faster. Simply fill out our online registration form to become an approved seller. 

  • Who are NextGear Capital?

    NextGear Capital UK Ltd is part of the US based Cox Automotive Group, a leading automotive services company. With more than 23,000 dealers globally, NextGear Capital is the industry's global leading provider of lending products for vehicle dealers and auctions. 

  • What does a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan do?

    Our tailored Stocking Plans enable independent and franchised used vehicle dealers to manage their stock in a simple and cost effective way. From a sellers perspective, accepting Next Gear Capital Stocking Plans as a payment method attracts new buyers and provides a better buyer experience. 

  • What are the benefits to being an approved seller? 

    As an approved seller you can attract new buyers with greater buying power. NextGear Capital operate a simple and digital payment process making your sales easier and faster, so that you can focus more on the buying and selling.  

  • How do I get paid?

    Once you have sold a vehicle to a NextGear Capital customer and provided the dealer is happy with the vehicle at the point of collection; input the agreed value on the Dealer Auction website and select 'Pay with NextGear Capital'. You will be paid by direct credit and receive payment no more than 3 working days later.
  • Is there a lot of paperwork?

    NextGear Capital prides itself on being a digital company.  

    Once you fill out our online registration form with basic information about your dealership and your payment details, a NextGear Capital payment option will become visible on the Dealer-Auction website.

    You will receive an email within 48 hours notifying you of whether your registration has been successful and within a further 2 working days you will be set up as a NextGear Capital approved seller. 

  • How much does it cost?

    Becoming an approved seller and accepting payments from NextGear Capital is completely free of charge.