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'It's not a consumer's job to know what they want.' - Steve Jobs

Introducing StockMaster; our free on the go solution joining the dots of the UK remarketing network! Here at NextGear Capital we’ve developed ground breaking technology at no cost to you as part of our commitment to making dealer stocking simplified. StockMaster links in with your NextGear Capital Stocking Plan allowing you to view and fund the vehicles you’ve won at any of our participating auctions – something never thought possible in the UK remarketing industry! We've done this to continue to be at the forefront of technology for you, our customers. 

In the UK 82%* of smartphone users use their mobile while in a dealership, so why shouldn’t managing your stock be possible from your smartphone? Our solution is StockMaster; our on the go dashboard to manage your NextGear Capital Stocking Plan anywhere, anytime.

How does StockMaster work?

Linking in with your Stocking Plan, StockMaster provides you with a dashboard displaying your available funds, stocking plan limit, the vehicles you’ve recently won at our participating auctions and the facility to fund these vehicles. 

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StockMaster gives you greater control and increased accessibility to your Stocking Plan. By using our 'Fund with G' button, you decide which vehicles to add to your NextGear Capital Stocking Plan and when.

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If you don’t yet have a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan and would like to start using StockMaster, see below or alternatively you can apply here.

How can StockMaster benefit you?

In a nutshell, StockMaster is the UK’s only on the go solution where you can view and fund all of your pending stock in one place.


Decide which vehicles are added to your NextGear Capital Stocking Plan and when. StockMaster is an on the go solution meaning you can fund your vehicles straight from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


Log in 24/7 to view your balance, pending vehicles and to fund vehicles 7 days a week between 6am and 11.59pm.


Our ultimate goal is to make dealer stocking simplified. Use StockMaster to fund vehicles while on your forecourt, in lane or at home; there’s now no need to queue at the auction.


We’ll keep you up to date with relevant information and offers from our auction partners.

To understand more view our short video 

Start using StockMaster now!

Use StockMaster on your desktop, tablet or smartphone and when you first log in we've created a quick tutorial to walk you through all the available functionality. 

If you're a NextGear Capital customer and not already on StockMaster please call our Customer Service Team now on 0343 50 60 600.

Start using StockMaster now!

To apply please follow the link below or if you would like a visit from one of our Account Executives please call us on 0343 50 60 600 and we will arrange this for you.

*Hugh Dickerson, Senior Industry Head Automotive, Google

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