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Fund with NextGear Capital at Leominster Car Auctions!

We're delighted to be partnered with Leominster Car Auctions, a successful and well known independent family run auction house in Herefordshire. With over 35 years of experience in the industry and a range of vehicles being sold from main franchised dealers, fleet and other organisations Leominster Car Auctions helps bring our customers an even greater choice of stock.

With no account opening fees and acceptance of NextGear Capital Stocking Plans, purchasing vehicles from Leominster Car Auctions has never been easier!

Why buy from Leominster Car Auctions?

Sourcing vehicles ranging from £200 to £7000 from multiple vendors, Leominster Car Auctions put up to 300 vehicles on sale every Thursday at 6pm!

With NO account opening fees, can you afford to miss out on a greater range of stock? For a full stock list click here.

Using StockMaster...

NextGear Capital Stocking Plan holders can now use StockMaster; our on the go solution to view and fund all of your pending vehicles in one place. Vehicles won at Leominster Car Auctions can be added to your Stocking Plan in lane, at home or on your forecourt - so there's no need to queue at the payment office!

If you don't yet have a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan and would like to find out how StockMaster could benefit you and your business click here

How to buy

If you don't yet have a Leominster Car Auctions account and would like to start buying, you can set up an account completing their registration form below or alternatively please contact your local Account Executive for more information.

Dowanload Leominster Car Auction's registration form here

How do I apply for a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan?

Applying for a NextGear Capital Stocking Plan is simple; our online application form takes just a few minutes to complete and your plan could be up and running soon after that.

To apply please follow the link below or if you would like a visit from one of our Account Managers please call us on 0343 50 60 600 and we will arrange this for you.

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