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25/10/2019    Driving profitability - counting the true cost of sale

Understanding the unavoidable costs of every car sale and how best you can mitigate them for better opportunities is vital in the used car market. Read more

10/10/2019    Dealers rethink stocking strategy as diesel demand declines

Our latest blog explores the 'diesel downward spiral' and how dealers are switching to Alternative Fuelled Vehicles to support their forecourts. Read more

15/08/2019    Dealer ambitions revisited in half year review

As we approach the second half of 2019, we revisit the ambitions of used car dealers to see if they are achieving their goals. Read more

06/08/2019    Dealers react as dip in diesel demand hits used car market

The lack of interest in diesel vehicles for car buyers is starting to impact the used car market. We explore why this is happening in our latest sentiment release. Read more

01/08/2019    NextGear Capital passes £3 billion funding mark

We're celebrating this fantastic achievement just 3 months after the announcement of our 5th birthday. Read more

19/07/2019    Creating marginal gains

In a market where vehicle margin is coming under increasing pressure, used car dealers must look elsewhere to generate additional revenue. Read our blog to find out how. Read more

14/06/2019    Five future predictions for the used car sector

The 5th birthday celebrations continue with Pam and Liam sharing their 5 predictions on what the future holds for the automotive industry. Read more

10/06/2019    Dealers turn to additional products to boost revenues

9 in every 10 dealers reveal they promote additional products and services to their customers. Read more

07/06/2019    Lights, camera, action – a Motor Trader Video

Find out more about the new video we filmed with Motor Trader Magazine Read more

17/05/2019    NextGear Capital appoints Simon Baldwin to leadership team

We welcome Simon to the team as we celebrate our 5th birthday. Read more