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24/07/2017    Used car market heading for a bumper year

The news just gets better and better for used car dealerships in the UK, with recent research suggesting that 2017 will be a bumper year for the industry. Read more

19/07/2017    Which marketing channels deliver the best ROI for car dealerships?

When it comes to marketing your dealership, you want to make sure the channels you invest your time and money in are worthwhile and deliver a substantial return on investment (ROI). Though, with a plethora of platforms available, which ones should you be focussing on? Read more

19/06/2017    Learn how dealers can safeguard their bottom line

The other day, we came across an interesting guest blog post on Motor Trader written by Matt Dale, director of auction house G3 Remarketing, one of our partners. Dale shares some useful tips to help used car dealers protect their bottom line. Read more

14/06/2017    NextGear Capital funds more than £600,000 of Auction4Cars stock

Auction4Cars, which offers Motorpoint’s part-exchange vehicles to the trade, saw more than £600,000-worth of stock purchased in one month from dealers using their NextGear Capital Stocking Plans, having only become an approved source for the wholesale finance provider in April. Read more

07/06/2017    Five steps to social media success

For car dealerships – and indeed, businesses in all industries – social media is no longer considered a nice-to-have; it’s now an essential part of the marketing mix. Read more

26/05/2017    Record Q1 for used car market!

It was a bumper start to 2017 for the used car industry, with data published earlier this month by the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) revealing a record number of vehicle sales during the first quarter. Read more

12/05/2017    Should you stock more diesel or petrol cars?

What about diesel and petrol cars? In which direction is consumer demand heading? A recent whitepaper from cap hpi, titled ‘Petrol versus Diesel,’ shares some valuable insight. Read more

12/05/2017    How we buy vehicles is changing

Being able to source a quality consumer finance provider is extremely important; particularly now, with a recent study revealing an increase in the number of consumers opting to finance their cars rather than buying them outright. Read more

28/04/2017    Is your dealership geared up for GDPR?

There is still a year to go, but it’s never too early to start preparing your dealership for the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998. Read more

13/04/2017    NextGear Capital kick-starts fundraising efforts with Easter Café

Hot off the heels of their charity selection, NextGear Capital hosted an Easter Café which attracted local businesses in search of breakfast and afternoon treats. Read more