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08/04/2020    Where to head for financial support

To help you navigate the vast amount of information available, we’ve taken some time to call out a few of the useful links and resources recently shared on our Cox Automotive website. Read more

11/03/2020    Dealers mixing valuation tools with instinct to source the best stock

We explore the tools available to dealers and discover how they are combining data-led solutions with their own business instincts to achieve the best results. Read more

05/03/2020    Dealers combining instinct with valuation tools to identify the best stock

Our latest NextGear Capital survey results reveal dealers are utilising online valuation tools and their instinct to support with pricing decisions. Read more

28/01/2020    A seasoned approach to sourcing stock

We look at how dealers are adapting their stock sourcing strategies based on seasonal factors and the impact this approach can have on their business. Read more

14/01/2020    Seasonal trends drive dealers’ stock sourcing strategies

Our latest survey results reveal dealers are adapting their stock sourcing strategies in line with seasonal trends Read more

13/01/2020    Taking stock of the opportunities available

Dealers are using a handful of sources to support their stock. Read more to see which sources are popular. Read more

20/12/2019    Weighing up the AFV opportunity

Read this blog to explore dealers' appetite for AFVs and how they’re preparing for the change in consumer demand. Read more

20/12/2019    AFV interest sparked among dealers with increased forecourt numbers

Dealers are increasingly seeing the opportunities offered to them by Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs), according to our NextGear Capital sentiment survey results. Read more

11/12/2019    NextGear Capital celebrates £1 billion of funding in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019, we celebrate this outstanding funding milestone showcasing our business growth and success. Read more

29/10/2019    Five things you can do to help your dealership grow

Read Liam Quegan's 5 golden rules for dealership growth in our handy bitesize guide. Read more